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Special Effects Rentals – Concerts, Retail, Special Events, TV and Film Production, Nightclubs, Weddings, Birthdays

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Special Effect Rentals for DJs

If you are booked to DJ an event and you want to create a truly spectacular show, special effects can create a memorable display.  It brings to mind the eye-popping visuals seen at major concerts, festivals, and in the world’s hottest clubs.  If you have a gig for a particularly hip party or event, go the extra mile and include well-timed special effects to wow your guests and make a name for yourself.  Just come to us for your special effects rental equipment because DJ Equipment Rental has it all.

Smoke Machines

Smoke/fog effects are almost crowd pleasers and a huge hit at Halloween parties.  We offer three fog machines; one from Fantom Fogger and two Chauvet Hurricane options.  The compact Fantom Fogger is perfect for smaller clubs/loungers or residential events while the Chauvet Hurricanes are designed for larger venues.

Hazer Effects

If you are looking for a haze effect, we offer the Stage Ape Haze 1200.  True to the name, this machine creates a fine haze for lights and laser beams to travel through.  Its controls include a timer remote with adjustable output volume, a continuous flow button, plus a timer and manual control buttons.  The rental comes with a convenient 16-foot cabled remote and has adjustable outputs allowing a user to aim the haze straight up or out.  This special effect is a crowd favorite as lights and lasers take on an entirely new look when dramatically blasting out through the haze.

CO2 and Cryo Gear

Let’s face it, as a DJ you want to be red-hot but cool at the same time, and cool in every sense of the word.  When you are up there playing music, moving, and energizing the crowd, the heat can be intense, especially under serious lights.  The solution:  CO2 and cryo fog.  Not only does this create a great special effect, it also sends a cooling fog across the stage and dance floor.  The refreshing burst will be well-appreciated by both you and the people living it up to your music.  DJ Equipment Rental offers a cryo pack with guns, 22’ and 12” guns, a small gun designed to be carried around, and a specifically-designed cryo hose.  With this equipment you can be confident of pulling off hot and aoh so cool at the same time.


If you bring the air compressor and confetti itself, we have the confetti cannon which includes a 50-foot air hose, cables, and case.  This is a must for festive occasions like New Year’s Eve, a graduation, milestone birthday, or the perfect moment at a wedding reception.  If you are performing at an event that all but requires confetti, don’t be caught without this great tool.

Which Effects?

If you are unsure of what you might need to maximize special effects to your particular style and playlist, call our sales experts at 305-328-9492.  They are ready to go over every aspect of your gig and make customized recommendations to make sure any special effects will take your audio performance to the next level and totally dazzle the crowd.  If you really want to stand out and make sure people remember you then special effects are the way to go.  Keep in mind bookings at prestigious events and venues mean pulling out all the stops and pleasing a discerning audience.  Here at DJ Equipment Rental our goal is to help you do exactly that.  Contact us today so you can put on a show that people will be talking about long after the party is over.