Up Lighting Rental

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If you’re looking to completely change the atmosphere of your venue, up lighting might just be what you’re looking for. It’s the hottest trend for everything from weddings, to birthdays, and every other special event in between. These lights can illuminate surfaces, from walls, to the floor, to ceilings, all of which can be completely engulfed in colored light. The up lighting rental solutions available right here in our store give you the ability to deploy quickly and usher in a temporary change that will leave you with a lasting memory.

Types of Up Lighting Rental

While you’re on the lookout for good up lighting rental options, you are going to come across three different types to meet various needs. These can include:

Par Can Uplights – These particular uplights exist, but they aren’t used much anymore, for a few reasons. They tend to be heavy, they take up a considerable amount of space, and they can become very hot. They also have power consumption issues, making them something that many people try to avoid, and with good reason. These days, most people tend to go with the LED option.

LED Uplights – In the modern age we tend to make use of LED, or Light Emitting Diodes over the typical lights, and the best part, is that they are extremely lightweight. LED uplights are very powerful, and while they are definitely compact, they will be able to light up a wall from the floor all the way to the ceiling. The greatest benefit of going the LED route, apart from the portability, is the low energy consumption. You can actually plug fifty up lights into a single outlet without worrying about what it is going to do to the circuit!

Gobo Lighting – These are often referred to as ‘monogram lighting’, and it’s one of the latest trends. The name stems from the fact that it can be customized to the customer’s requirements, for example, projecting their names on the wall for a wedding, or even creating a graphic on the dance floor. Down to technical details, GOBO stands for ‘Goes Before Optics’, meaning the GOBO is a disc that is attached before the projector. It’s technically not uplighting, but it can be an outstanding compliment to your uplighting arsenal.

Light Up the Venue

Your up lighting rental can be characterized by one of many different features, for example you can opt for wireless uplights, which clean up your venue and save power – power that you could easily use for other equipment.

Change your venue, light it up, and use the best hardware in the industry. If you need it, we have it, and it is 100% ready for you to rent. Give us a call today and get your rental set up.