Microphone Rental

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Microphones, no matter which type you are using for your production, have become an integral part of nearly any type of performance out there, and with good reason. Without them we would have a hard time performing, recording, and doing virtually any other sound related activity. The big question, however, is what kind of microphones should you be looking into and what should you rent? There are several out there, most of which we offer right here on our websites.

Choosing your Microphone

When you’re in the process of choosing the best microphone rental for your upcoming performance there are a few questions that you will need to ask yourself. To start, what kind of performance are you attending? What kind of audience are you trying to reach? What kind of equipment are you going to be using? Yes, we’re throwing a million questions at you, but they’re necessary if you really want to get the best sound.

Wireless Mics – These are growing more and more popular, and with good reason! The cool thing about wireless mics is the amount of freedom they offer you when you’re on stage. Along with letting you move about wherever you want, however, they also free up space on the stage, getting rid of the cords that cause a trip hazard and a serious aesthetics problem.

All Purpose Mics – You’ve seen these before, they’re the typical hand mics that everyone uses, and they’re great for any venue. The right all purpose mic can get the best sound pressure levels and give a crisp, clear sound for the audience.

Instrument Microphones – These microphones are intended not for voice, but rather for instances where you need to record or amplify your equipment. This includes guitars, drums, and any number of other items that you happen to be using. They tend to record on all frequencies, allowing for a much more audible result.

Get the Sound you Need

If you don’t have all the equipment that you need right on hand, you can easily rent one of our devices and use it for the duration of your show. You’re undoubtedly going to find that we have a pretty wide selection that you can browse, and ultimately use to create the best show ever! Make sure you take a look at our wireless options, especially if you’re in a smaller venue where safety is a concern. Whatever it is you need, we can almost guarantee that we have it, ready to rent, and in perfect condition. Give us a call, or reserve yours today!