DJ Turntables & CDJ Rental

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We have the best deals on DJ turntables around, from Pioneer, all the way to Technics. Digital turn tables are an essential tool in the DJ arsenal, as are CDJ’s, both of which we’re going to be discussing now.

DJ Turntables & CDJ Rental

The digital turntable is used by the disc jockey for the purpose of playing pre-recorded music for parties or other events, utilizing a slip pad disc which emulates the planter on an analog turntable. With state of the art hardware, you will be able to execute a number of functions that simply aren’t available on a typical CD player. These extra functions can include:

  • Flash Memory Storage
  • Sound Tracks
  • Cue Point Marking
  • Automatic Looping

The DJ turntable is an outstanding option for any type of event whether it’s a birthday party, a pool party, or a club environment. If you’re not playing live music, this is definitely the way to go, and we have plenty of different options for you to take advantage of.


DJ turntables & CDJ rental serve to provide you with the sound you need at a price that you can really afford. The CDJ was originally designed to play music from compact discs, which really saw their rise in the 90’s, but today, most CDJ units are able to play digital music files stored on a wide variety of different media formats. If you have a flash drive or an SD card, you can play your music and make it sound great. On top of that new capability, you will find that CDJ’s feature jog wheels and pitch faders which do a great job of letting you manipulate the music file; it’s very similar to a vinyl record on a turntable. In other words, you can get the effect you know and love in a modern, high tech package. Another great feature that many CDJ’s have today is the ability to function as a mixer, allowing you to control music files on your laptop. It’s an all in one package that really helps out the traveling DJ when they’re in a pinch.

Take advantage of our DJ turntables & CDJ rental today; they’ll be a serious hit at your next big event, and with our equipment, you can never go wrong. We stock the best items and the most up to date technology for your listening or playing pleasure.  Give us a call right now and choose the hardware you need for your party.