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Projectors are an outstanding solution for many different AV situations. Sure, televisions are great, but sometimes you just need to go the projector route, and sometimes it’s just a lot more convenient. For example, if you want a massive picture that is able to convey a message to thousands of people at once, then yes, you’re going to need to look into projector rentals. Then again, sometimes the audience is small, indoors, and simply needing to take advantage of an existing projector screen. Whatever your purposes, finding the right projector and the right company to back you up is essential. When it comes to projector rentals, we  really do have exactly what you need, and we actually have quite a few models in stock.

Indoor and Outdoor – Projector Rentals are Where its At

The first thing we want to say is that projectors can definitely be expensive, especially if you want to buy one right now, but fortunately, you don’t have to. We offer a high end rental service that puts today’s best technology in your hands for a fraction of the cost. Secondly, we’re going to take a look at two of the projectors that we currently offer:

Epson Powerlite 38c Projector Rental

This is a high powered projector that is HD ready and supports 1080i, giving you  the clearest possible picture. It’s also extremely bright, at 2200 lumens, which ensures that it’s going to work in just about any environment. On the audio side, it has a 7W stereo system with a closed captioning decoder.

Optavision HDMI-80

This is a step up from the previous model that we mentioned in that it offers a full 3D 1080p image along with a 5000 lumen light. The brighter lighting capacity ensures that it can be used outdoors, indoors, and everywhere in between!

These are just two examples of the projectors rentals that we offer, both of which are stand up options. When you need to send a clear message and a clear picture, you need a projector that can get the job done – we get it.

Rent with Us Today

Getting the equipment you need can always be a challenge, but we offer a solution that’s going to give you the full effect for the entirety of your show. Rent a projector alone, or get it as part of one of our packages. Either way, you’re going to have exactly what you need, and you’re going to put on an amazing performance whether you’re hosting a massive show, a video conference, or a movie night.