Speaker & PA Rental

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Speakers are without a doubt one of the most important parts of your performance – without them you wouldn’t even HAVE a performance, but which ones should you choose? Powered speakers are also referred to by two other designations: self-powered and active speakers. These are much different from the speakers that have been historically used at performances as they feature built-in amplifiers, setting them far apart from their passive counterparts. Powered speakers are often used in sound reinforcement systems for live music concerts, in both audience and performer capacities. In other words, you can face powered speakers in their direction, and they can even be used in a variety of different environments or venues:

  • Concerts
  • Raves
  • Home Cinema
  • Dance Events

Powered speakers can also be used as computer speakers, but even more importantly, they can be connected right to your mixing console, or any other low-level audio signal source. The best part, is that you don’t need an external amplifier, which puts them far above many of the other pieces of hardware on today’s market.

Keep in mind that active speakers are much more than just audio output devices – they tend to have greater fidelity, lower intermodulation distortion, and a much higher dynamic range. All of this is backed by greater output sound pressure levels, leading to fewer driver blowouts. The only real disadvantage here, is that the all-in-one design tends to make it a bit heavier, which can be problematic if you are a one-person show and you need to properly transport all of your equipment.

Get Your Sound on Point

Our speaker & PA rental options give you the ability to not only get your sound on point for your next big production, but to do so with less fuss. If you’ve been using passive speakers for some time, then you are already well aware of the hassle they tend to bring. They work well, but they bring more equipment for you to manage, and if you’re trying to compact your performance for convenience, then you definitely want to consider going with something a little easier to use. This is where powered speakers definitely come into play and come in handy.

If you’re ready to ditch the passive speakers, and if you need something highly convenient for your next gig, reserve a set of powered speakers today and get ready to experience true convenience. Give us a call or reserve yours online today. If you have an upcoming event, there is nothing more important than making it sound great whether it’s for the audience, or for the performers.