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Speaker and Sound Rental – We rent Speakers and Sound Systems for Concerts, Parties and Events . We are AV Rental Source for all of your Audio Rental Needs.

We rent Line-Array Systems, Portable Speakers, Battery Powered Speakers as well as carrying many Sound Systems for Rent.


DJ Speaker and Sound Rental

You know you’re ready to put on the best show of your life, but are you ready to make the best sound in the world? That’s the question, isn’t it! Speakers are expensive, and if you need to rebuild your show arsenal or if you’re just starting out, you need to find a way into the game without putting too much skin in the game, so to speak. This is where DJ Equipment Rental comes into the picture.


Rentals for your Every Need

Our company is able to provide you with some amazing opportunities to rent the equipment you need without spending too much money, and that’s definitely the route you want to take. DJ equipment rental is a great way to get off the ground, especially when it comes to providing an audible experience that your fans will never forget. Whether the show is yours, or if you’re performing at a paid venue, you want to put forth your best effort, and you can’t do that without the right sound system.

Sound System Rental

USA has some pretty demanding crowds, and that means you’re going to have to put on the best show ever. This extends to several different areas, for example you obviously need to make sure that the speakers emit good sound for the music that you will be playing, but what if you need to make an announcement? Will they work with a PA system? All of these questions will need to be answered, of course, and they will be, so long as you have a good speaker system – the speakers that our company can provide.

Beyond DJing

The need for speakers goes far beyond just DJ’ing. You might need to host an auction, a meeting, or some other important event, and making sure your voice reaches far and wide is the path to success – take it. From the front row, to the back, and everywhere in between, we’re ready to help make you great.

The DJ equipment rental that we offer goes far beyond speakers of course, with sound system rental, to live mix consoles, and even microphones. We have everything you need to put on the best show of the year, all you need to do is rent and show up.

Rooms Large or Small

Venues vary in sizes, from massive stadiums to small auditoriums with standing room only. You need to make sure that the speakers you use are able to adapt. In a large venue they need to reach every corner, and in a smaller venue, they need to not overpower the audience. Speakers allow you a level of control that your other equipment does not, and in the long run, without good speakers, the rest of your gear is virtually useless – this is the most important investment that you can make.

Are you ready to make an impact and impress your audience? If so, you’re ready to take a look at the gear we have to offer, such as the Aero 12A compact line array system which features a two way amplifier and 600 watts of sheer, unadulterated power. There are plenty of other speaker systems available, and it won’t be too long before you’re in business.