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Video Wall TV Projection

Projection ScreensThey say that presentation is everything, especially when it comes to putting on a show. A show could be defined as nearly anything. It might be a presentation at work, it might be a concert, or maybe you’re just doing your part as a motivational speaker. No matter what it happens to be, you need to make sure you’re ready to go, and that means more than a microphone. Sure, being heard is important, but what about being seen? This is where a video wall comes in handy.

Historically Speaking

In the past, video walls have consisted of actual screens, which work in a pinch, but there are some drawbacks. First of all, a television screen is difficult to move, and secondly, it takes a lot of real estate. If you are trying to deploy one in a club setting, you run the risk of it being broken, which obviously incurs even more expenses. Fortunately, we have moved past the days of physical video walls, and projection screens are now much more prevalent.

Benefits of Projection Screens

A projection screen is precisely what it sounds like. It is inexpensive, it is easy to move, and it can be deployed virtually anywhere. Try doing that with a heavy LCD panel! All you need is a dark room, a projector, and something to present.

Projection ScreensAlong with the screen, as we said before, you’re going to need to make sure that you have a good projector, which can be a bit pricey if you buy it on its own. That being the case, we are proud to offer a number of great projector rentals, all capable of displaying at high resolutions and using state of the art technology to present not only a projection, but the highest quality and greatest brightness to ensure that your message is not only heard, but seen.

All projectors are capable of interfacing with a computer, ensuring that you can present anything you wish, and a redundant bulb system allows the unit to easily switch to the next bulb if one burns out. Uninterrupted operation and brightness of 5,000 lumens are just a few of the things that the available units have to offer. Additionally, DLP technology makes our projectors capable of presenting images that can be seen in any environment. As you can see this is a piece of equipment that you absolutely cannot live without.

Now would be a great time to start taking a look at the equipment we have to offer, and understand that no presentation environment is going to be complete without a projector. There are many different potential uses for which you’ll want to deploy one of these devices. It could be a motivational speech, it could be a church event, or it could simply be a part of your typical club night. There are a ton of other uses that we haven’t covered yet, but the most important thing to remember, is that we have the equipment you need, and we’re ready to rent it to you at an affordable price. There is little doubt that your next event is going to be an absolute success.