Video Wall Rental

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Video walls are cool – we’ve all seen them at some point! Do you remember those displays in Best Buy back in the 90’s? The ones that used a collection of CRT televisions? We do, and they were so cool, but we’ve moved far beyond that. If you aren’t familiar with a video wall, however, let us explain it. Video walls tend to be a much cheaper solution for mass scale displays for a few reasons. First of all, while you might be able to find an LCD panel the size of a wall, it can be very expensive and it tends to be a liability. For example, if you break your LCD panel, you have a problem, but in a video wall rental, a single panel can be replaced. This, however, is going off the concept that a panel will be broken, which is not particularly something that we want to entertain. The benefits of using a video wall, however, are absolutely astounding.

Examining the Benefits of a Video Wall Rental

The video wall rental gives you much more than just an image – it gives you coverage. It’s an over the top way of presenting your concept, and often a staple at trade shows. The great thing about projector walls is that they are able to give you full control over several screens, each of which will display the same image for the viewer. Working in tandem, the displays can be consolidated and act as one monitor with zero lag and a congruent display. To facilitate this, a video wall controller is put in place to ensure that the image is constant, and displayed on all of the available televisions, It’s a great solution that you’ve probably seen more than once – maybe you’ve even used it before!

Rent Yours Today

Video walls are an incredible solution, but if you’ve been looking at the price tag, then you are already well aware that they can be a bit more on the expensive side. Fortunately, our rental option allows you to obtain the setup for a reasonable price, and we’ll even help you get it set up. Your entire presentation, and your entire event will go off without a hitch whether you’re hosting a concert, a trade show, or a business presentation. Give us a call today and let us help you put together your perfect video wall.